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VFS-10 | Fitness Pedal

Comfort. Convenience. Performance.

Patented  True Release Technology™

How it works


VFS-10 with shoe


It all starts with the platform trigger. When you step on the pedal, the platform trigger is automatically engaged, bringing the padded cuff over the top of your foot and locking the trigger in place.

Foot Security

With the platform trigger engaged, your foot is held securely in place by the VFS-10's responsive cuffs. The cuffs provide a comfortable ride, while adjusting to your unique foot size and shape.


Whether you spin seated or standing, high cadence or low cadence, the VFS-10 fitness pedal prevents the risk of pedal slip, regardless of how you ride. Equipped with our patented True Release Technology you no longer have to chose between power efficiency and a safe pedal system. 

Pedaling Efficiency

The VFS-10's design allows you to push and pull with each stroke, maximizing your power transfer, eliminating the dead spot in your stroke and helping you create a smoother pedaling motion. And doing all of this without the need for cycling shoes or straps.

VFS-10 front angle

True Release™ Dismount

Built with True Release Technology™, the VFS-10 is the only pedal that allows you to remove your foot in any direction and in any motion. As you move your foot off the pedal, internal torsion springs sense the decrease in tension and automatically release the platform trigger, snapping the responsive cuffs into an open position. This allows for a safe and convenient dismount.



No Straps Necessary

No speciality spin shoes required

Secures foot in place

Helps create a smooth pedal stroke

Compatible with any type of shoe

Compatible with any stationary bike

Activates full range of leg muscles

Provides a better cardio workout

Pedals are easy to install and retrofit

Comes in 9/16 and 1/2 thread size

Comfortably fits all foot sizes (4-24+)

Stress tested to withstand any gym

Universal Sizing

Comfortably fits shoe sizes 4-24+

Primary Use

Indoor cycling


1 year product guarantee

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